Hamilton (NJ) Veterans Park Virtual Tour

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1. Broadband Internet Access: The tour consists of QuickTime Virtual Reality and linear movie files that average about 3 megabytes, with some close to 4 mb. Visitors with dial-up access will experience impossibly long waits as the movie files load.

2. Apple QuickTime 4 or later: Your Windows or Macintosh computer probably already has this, but it can be downloaded for free and installed from this page here. There are some versions of Flash that can play QuickTime movies, but this tour uses QT features that are not supported by Flash, and it will not work correctly without the real thing.

3. Javascript enabled: This web site uses javascript to try to give all visitors the same experience. Some folks disable javascript as a security measure. There are no hidden gimmicks, viruses or spywares in this web site. If javascript is disabled in your browser and you don't know how to get it back, you can contact me through the link to my name, below, and I will walk you through this process.


1. Click the link below to see the map page after you read the rest of these directions. You will see links to the twenty-three full-screen, 360-degree panorama scenes. Click any one of them. After the scene loads, you will see a photograph of the scene you have selected.

2. There will be a doughnut-shaped mouse cursor in the photo that looks like this: QTVR cursor. Drag this cursor up, down, and all around in the scene to move the window and let you see the complete scene.

3. As you move or drag the cursor over paths in the park that you can follow, the cursor will change its shape to include a little hand, like this: QTVR cursor. This indicates a "hotspot." If you click one of these path hotspots, a movie will load and play that is made from photos taken while following the path itself, and which includes a musical soundtrack. When this movie finishes, a new scene will load. All of the scenes have one, two or three such hotspots.

4. There are additional controls for you to click in the controller bar at the bottom of each scene. The minus sign zooms the view out to get a better look at the whole scene. The plus sign zooms the view in for closer looks. You can also use your keyboard's Control and Shift keys, respectively, for the same functions. The little question mark can be used to show you where all the hotspots are in any scene.

5. The scenes can only load with one start view, and that view is facing in the direction from one of the park entrances towards the center scene, which is called "Gazebo 2." Remember this if you try to proceed in a direction from the center towards an entrance. You will then need to drag to rotate your view as much as 180 degrees in order to continue towards an entrance. Direction #2, just above, covers how to do this.

6. Each scene includes a link at the bottom to return to the Tour Map page. You can always refer to the map this way to see where you've been, or to start touring from a different scene.


The entire web site, all of the photographs, and the original music and original arrangements of traditional and classical music are copyright 2007 by John G. Thomas . I would be very happy to read and respond to any criticism that you take the time to email to me.

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