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Google can only take you so far in searching the World Wide Web for information. When you need content that is proprietary, like that found in magazines, academic and professional journals and in ancestry databases, Google shows you that the information is there, but in most cases when you click a link to it, you are prevented from getting to the actual articles and information by the owner of that source, which will ask for an account number and password in order to grant access to it. College students learn quickly what a resource they have in their school libraries. The librarians who manage these collections are trained to teach students to become effective searchers in the stacks, shelves and online resources available there. Many of these same resources are also available in your local township and county libraries. These days, if you have a library card, they can be accessed on your home computers as well.

If you are so fortunate as to live in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, you can get a library card at the Hamilton Township Free Public Library on Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, next to the police station. You'll find computers there available for public use, and their online resources are available from home by using your library card number as your account name. The first link at the left takes you to the library's links page that lists all of their online resources. As you will see, they are few and mostly concerned with career and job-finding issues. The others include

  • Rocket Languages, a set of beginner-level foreign language lessons

  •, a source of public domain e-books

  •, which gives you access to the electronic editions of local, regional and national newspapers

  • NovelList, an online guide to fiction

  • Informe, a periodical index that features full text articles in Spanish

  • EbscoHost, a most valuable collection of periodical and other databases that includes Consumer Reports magazine (alone worth the price of admission!)

  • and Multi-Database From Jerseyclicks that includes EbscoHost and among many others

If you live anywhere in Mercer County, New Jersey, there's another library system available to you, but it's not free. For $10 you can get a Mercer County Library card that allows you to borrow books and use the library computers and online resources, and for just $2 there's a “computers-only” card. With either card, you get to use the computer resources from home, or most of them, anyway. The second link at the left will take you to an MCL system web page that lists the nine local branches of the system as well as directions and branch hours. The MCL online assets are too numerous to list here, and some are duplicates of those available at the Hamilton Township Library. The third link at the left points to an MCL web page that has further links to each category of online database and the contents of those collections. The categories are Automotive, Biography, Business, Careers, Directories, Encyclopedias, Education, Genealogy, Health & Medicine, History, Languages, Legal, Literature & Reading, Magazines & Journals, Newspapers, Science, Student Research, Test Practice and Travel. Personal favorites among the databases include Academic Search Premier, and Ancestry Library, which is only available from within the library itself, NOT from home. Among the online databases not included is, a premier financial data provider based in Chicago.

The librarians in the Hamilton and Mercer County library systems are well-versed in the use of the online resources available in those libraries. Do not hesitate to ask if you need help searching in them. And finally, John will be glad to teach you all he knows about what is where in the online library databases, and about googling in general.

May 7, 2012

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