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Power computing with templates
Free Web, a good place to start looking for ready-made templates

MicroSoft's free templates web page

The wikipedia article about document templates

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Templates are documents of the fill-in-the-blank sort that we use to save time when it comes to repetitive computer tasks.  Letterheads, for example, are an old template trick that secretaries use to avoid typing the top parts of letters, which always look the same and have the same information.  When I create these HTML emails that I send to you, I use the previous one as a template by erasing the text, links and photos in it, and then replacing those elements with the current stuff.  The trick here is to open the original document (I use the free web page editor, Kompozer), and then use the Save As command to give the new document a different name, and thereby retain the original one.  For subsequent saves I use the Save command, after the new document is created and as I develop it.

Templates are available in ready-made form from various sources.  Check out my links at the left, or just Google the word templates with the general type of document you are looking for, like presentation, word processor, spreadsheet, web page, and so forth.  You can also be more specific here and use terms like business letter, invoice, business card, budget, page layout or whatever.  Of course you can also create your own templates.  You're more likely to wind up with exactly what you had in mind when you start a project this way.  Just remember the Save As trick.

Don't have a good word processor or spreadsheet program?  Point your browser to, and download the latest version of an office suite that compares favorably with MicroSoft Office and is also completely free.  It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation module, graphics editor, data base and more.  And of course, there are loads of free templates to be had.  Always try to use free and low-cost software.
November 21, 2011

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