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Thomas Computer Services Web Site, a child of Ookla Net Metrics, is the most useful of a handful of free web sites you can use to check your Internet connection speed, and repeatedly if you'd like.  Broadband Internet service is not cheap and it's good to know if you're getting what you're paying for. pays for itself by advertising the free web browser, Google Chrome, and some performance-enhancing software, which is not free.  It also has a link to, a tool used to test the quality of your connection; and Speed Wave, a web site for joining groups of speed testers.  For more information, click the “Learn more” and “See how” buttons, or read the short Wikipedia article about  You can also TEST AGAIN and choose a NEW SERVER.  There's one more very useful button labeled MY RESULTS that you can click to see a history of your speed tests.

Click the link at the left side of this email, and your browser will load and open this tester.  The main graphic on the page is an interactive map with a green BEGIN TEST button near the top.  It's pretty simple to use-- just click BEGIN TEST.  A server relatively near you is chosen as the target for the download and upload tests.  The map displays your location and that of the server, as well as a little progress bar for the tests.  Results are given as a quantity of megabits per second for download and upload, and ping speed in milliseconds.  Test as many times as you'd like.  If you have multiple computers, see which is fastest.  If you can connect either wirelessly or through an ethernet cable, compare those connections.

Generally, through a cable is faster than wireless, and wireless connections can be improved by getting the fast kind of wireless modem and by sitting closer to it when you use it.  Depending on which operating system you have, there are other tricks for maximizing your connection speed.  Check out the links at the left, or call John for an estimate on setting up or maximizing your home network.  His rates are the best and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.
October 16, 2011

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