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Is Netflix worth it? (Don't forget to ask for your first month's service for free)

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I'll say it is! For $10.69 a month including tax, they send me one DVD to watch and then return in their postpaid mailer. As soon as they receive the DVD, they immediately ship the next DVD in my Queue. Plus, they stream to my internet-ready blu-ray player in my bedroom, and to my computer in my living room (the one connected to my 46-inch Sony Bravia TV), the available-for-streaming movies that I have selected from their collection for my Instant Queue.

I set up my queues with my desktop computer through the Netflix web site. After I watch a DVD or streamed movie, they will ask me to rate it the next time I visit the web site, and based on my ratings of these movies, they always have suggestions ready for other things I might like to watch. While there, I can also search for movies based on actors and directors, or by genre.

Downsides? Not all of their movies are ready to be streamed, but Netflix will be moving toward making their entire collection streamable. Within the next two years they think they'll achieve this, and may even drop their DVDs-in-the-mail service altogether. A computer with Internet is essential for setting up your account and queues, and to express your ratings of the films. For streaming to your TV, you will need either a] a computer connected to your TV, b] a streaming blu-ray player (or other streaming device- like a Nintendo or other gaming Wii), or c] an Internet-ready, streaming TV set. You will also need either a broadband Internet connection to your TV, or to stream with a wireless-n router.

John can set this all up quickly and surely. Call today for an estimate.
May 9, 2011

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