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One thing they don't tell you when you buy a new computer is how long it can keep going before it slows to a crawl and eventually stops altogether. This happens to ALL computer systems, all versions- Windows, Macintosh and Unix. They bog down, and here's why: (apart from viruses, which can have the same slowing effect) the programs we use and the systems themselves generate temporary files as they run, just like people generate trash as a matter of course. We have to take out the trash or we'll be up to our ears in it. Further, internet browsers, like Internet Explorer, will download and record on your hard drive entire web pages before they display them on your screen. Also, they “cache” these web pages, which means the files are kept on hand in case you decide to browse back to the pages at some point in the future. EVERY time you browse to ANY web page, the browser checks to see if it has stored that page in the cache. If it has, it displays the stored copy instead of loading the page from the internet again. All this cache checking adds to the delays.

You'd think the geniuses at Microsoft or Apple would have figured out how to get the computers to take care of this mess easily and automatically. Actually, Mac OS X will take out the trash, but at 3 in the morning. I usually recommend a $9.99 utility that takes care of all this stuff every time you start up the mac. Microsoft supplies free utilities like Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter, but the only provision for automation here is to use another utility called the Task Scheduler. There are also free and inexpensive third-party utilities you can get that handle this periodic maintenance.

John offers low-cost, periodic maintenance that includes virus and spyware scans, file and registry cleaning, disk error checking, custom uninstalling of unused programs and documents, removal of questionable startup programs, hard drive defragmenting, Windows and Office updating, and unless it's a laptop, John will open the case and blow out the dust that collects inside. Additionally, for Windows XP users, he includes a dozen speed tweaks. If you're not completely satisfied, John will cheerfully refund all fees. Sounds crazy, but it's true. You'll also get a complete list of all procedures enacted, as well as free telephone or email support for a year. Call today for details.
April 11, 2011

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