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Google is a web search engine that hunts for text in web pages. That text may be a phone number or the start time of a movie, or any of millions other things. Google also provides at least 22 special features beyond the original search engine. This includes images, weather forecasts, and archived newspaper articles from around a hundred years ago. If you haven't tried your hand at this, maybe right now is the time. Click the link to Google at the left, and at the Google web page, just enter the text as a simple question, no punctuation, all lower case, like

what time is it in italy

Google will immediately tell you the time in sunny Italy and also give you links to millions of web sites with topics related to time and to Italy. To read more about Google, click the second link at the left, which will take you to the Google Search page in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

John can teach you how to search the web with authority. He will cover topics like what to do when you get too many or too few Google “hits.”
March 14, 2011

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