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01 - Shameless Self-Promotion: links to John's web site and Favorite Photos pages

02 - Like to Take Pictures?: Learn about GIMP, a free photo editor; link to GIMP

03 - Do You Still Have a VCR?: John offers conversion-to-DVD services

04 - Do You Google?
: John describes Google and lists some of Google's special features, offers to teach you how to search the web with authority

05 - Periodic PC Maintenance a Must: a short article about the importance of taking out the trash and sweeping for spyware and other schvoogies; John describes and promotes his periodic maintenance service; links to Ccleaner and Malwarebytes

06 - Is Netflix Worth it?: John thinks so; he tells why, and then offers to set up movie streaming at your place

07 - How to Remove a Computer Virus: John describes "scareware" and offers a solution to it; links to Wikipedia's article on scareware, and

08 - Become the Master of Disaster Recovery (part 1 - using a recovery partition): describes the process of dealing with a Windows XP or Vista computer that can't start up; links to Wikipedia's article on system recovery and others on restoring a Dell and an HP computer

09 - Become the Master of Disaster Recovery (part 2 - using a recovery disc set)
: describes getting/creating your recovery disc set, and how to use it should disaster befall your PC

10 - Use to check your Internet connection speed:
the why and the how

11 - Power Computing with Templates:
become a power user by conquering repetitive tasks

12 - What's a Spreadsheet?
: answers the question and provides links to informative articles and one very powerful alternative to Excel and MicroSoft Office

13 - Basic Photo Editing with GIMP- part 1: Straightening a Photo: John shows you how to do it with a step-by-step tutorial

14 - Additional Laptop Maintenance: everyone with a Windows laptop will want these two utilities

15 - New Kid on the Block: John's article about MicroSoft Security Essentials

16 - The Library Computer Connection: what library computers are good for

17 - When good cookies go bad what to do when you can't get into your online bank

18 - Cropping digital landscape photos for a better composition:
some tips for better results

19 - Check for Malware DNSChanger Now!:
Make sure you will still have Internet service after Monday, July 9, 2012

20 - Bccy the Spampire Slayer
: learn to forward emails without putting your contacts' addresses "out there"

21 - Smartphone Factoids: gleaned from Time Magazine, August 2012

22 - Toward better portrait photos: more tips for better results

23 - Bits and bytes- a primer: ever wonder about them?  John tells all.

24 - Getting the most out of the red box: the best new way to rent movies on DVDs and Blu-rays

25 - Windows 8 Factoids
: John's take on the latest version of Windows

26 - Managing Windows Devices: everything John knows about the Device Manager, and then some

27 - Two kinds of problems: John's take on problem solving

28 - Update your Java now (THIS MEANS YOU!): Java is the new way into your stuff- learn how to keep the bad guys out

29 - Drones Factoids
: gleaned from Time Magazine, February 2013

30 -  When Microsoft abandons Windows XP: John explains what will happen and what you can do about it

31 - Create a system image in Windows Vista or Windows 7
: an important thing to do if you install applications and save files on your computer

32 - Measuring signal strength of a home wi-fi network: first of a planned three-part series in which John explains how to maximize your signal

33 - Wardrivers and the reason why you need the best wi-fi security mode:
they're out there and some of them are cruising for your private information

34 - Hello. Microsoft says your computer has a virus: John sheds light on a very common phishing scam

35 - Windows 8 Revisited: Another look at the new version of (most) everyone's favorite operating system

36 - Browse the Internet as a Standard User: Very important to do. John tells you why and shows you how.

37 - POP Beats the Web Mail: It's not really good to rely on web mail. John tells you why.

38 -  Do I even need my Internet Service Provider?
  John explains how to surf the web, safely, for free.  Almost.

39 - The Anti-Virus News: a sampling of recent news stories, and of course, a warning from John.

40 - Microsoft Skype:  a description of Skype, the easy-to-set-up and free-to-use way to video-phone home.

41 - Fax from your All-in One: you don't need a fax machine if you have one of these printers

42 - Net Neutrality and What it Means to You: Time to step up- John tells why

43 - Anatomy of a Hot Spot: John measures signal strength and chows down

44 - Email and the basic insecurity of the Internet: John warns about the state of the Internet regarding email and how open they are

45 - Defeat adware infection: John shows you how

46 - The Knowledge Bases: Apple & Microsoft have a great online help system- John shows you how to use it

47 - Virtual Wallets: Are Apple Pay and its brethren safe? John tells all

48 - The Android Apps: John goes on about his favorites

49 - Deep Sky Photography in Hamilton, NJ: Learn how

50 - Single lens cameras and Manual Mode: John gets you started

51 - Global security issues news: Get the latest on growing threats

52 - Turn your laptop into a Chromebook with Chromium on a stick: John tells you why & shows you how

53 - The Cloud and Getting Your Print Job There: John explains the cloud and recommends three printers for mobile devices

54 - Get Windows X (or don't): John's introduction to the "last" version of Windows

55 - New Way to Buy a New Car: (Hint: it involves your computer and the Internet)

56 - When adware infection goes deep inside Windows 7 and Vista: and what to do about it

57 - Windows 10 - First Impressions: John dishes on what he's found (mostly good)

58 - Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free; a How-to Guide: John shows you how he did it