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About This Web and its Author

About this Web Site

This web site is hosted by and resides on a server belonging to Freeservers.com. The banner at the top of each page you see here is the advertising that pays for the server space. Let me know if you get tired of it. We can make it go away for about $40 per annum, I think.

The officers of the Hamilton Township Lawn Bowling Association have editorial control of the content found in these pages. Any questions or concerns regarding the content should be addressed to me, first. If I am unable to resolve the matter, I will refer it to them.

I try to keep this site as informative and accessible as possible. The pages themselves and any graphics they contain are kept to a minimum, in terms of number and file size, in order to load into your browser more quickly. I am looking for ways to improve it and I welcome the comments and suggestions of any and all who visit it.

About the Author

This web site is the creation of me, John G. Thomas. I live at 1701 Silver Court, Hamilton, New Jersey 08690. I am a retired technology specialist, formerly at Franklin Elementary School in the Trenton Public School District. I have recently completed my masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Houston Baptist University through Masters Online. I am also available to transfer your home videos on VHS to DVDs, help you create custom instructional DVDs, and to facilitate your ease into the Age of Information and computer technology in general. Besides playing with computers, I enjoy fixing up my condo, watching and playing baseball, and reading about astronomical, archaeological and other scientific matters in the New York Times. I am a member of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton. More and more, I enjoy building web pages. Here are some recent efforts:

- Thomas Computer Services: a description of computer services I offer

- Veterans Park Virtual Tour: features twenty-three 360-degree photos of the park near our house here in Hamilton

- Walking with Weights: a description of my exercise routine

- Life in the Ocean Home Page: an assignment I completed as part of my Masters work

- Interactive Design Home Page: an online compendium of assignments I completed


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